ICES Graduate Studies at UT Austin

Interdisciplinary Program in Computational Science, Engineering & Math

CSEM graduates are placed at the forefront of computational science, engineering, and mathematics opportunities.

The Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (CSEM) graduate program is an interdisciplinary program leading to the PhD degree that prepares students for the field of computational and mathematical modeling. Our program is unique in its interdisciplinary emphasis, which is possible only because the CSEM Program does not reside within a single academic department or college, but within a research institute, the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (ICES). Exposure to ICES researchers and visitors, and access to ICES facilities and research centers provides a stimulating intellectual environment for our students, and places them at the forefront of computational science, engineering, and mathematics.

The rapidly growing field of mathematical modeling is used to simulate:

  • remediation of contaminants in the ground water
  • tidal surges in coastal environments
  • earthquakes
  • reentry of vehicles into the atmosphere
  • damage and failure of composite materials
  • cardiovascular disease & prostate cancer
  • tumor growth modeling
  • design of new drugs
  • the human ear and vocal cords

The CSEM Program consists of three concentration areas:

  • Area A: Applicable Mathematics
  • Area B: Numerical analysis and scientific computation
  • Area C: Mathematical modeling and applications

Students complete advanced coursework in applied mathematics, computer science, and in the fields representing the application area of the modeling effort. These courses are taught by faculty in their respective disciplines within the college of natural sciences, engineering, geosciences, or business.  CSEM graduate students work alongside faculty from 15 different ICES Research Centers and Groups, doing work in computational science, computational engineering, computer visualization, and computer modeling and simulation.

The CSEM Program offers both MS and PhD graduate degrees, but is primarily a PhD track program. We seek outstanding students who are committed to excellence, desire expertise in multiple disciplines, and are willing to take on new challenges by working alongside faculty involved in cutting edge interdisciplinary research. Graduates of the CSEM PhD Program have developed rewarding careers and have made significant contributions to research, academia, and technology.