• Deadlines: We are accepting Fall 2018 graduate program applications until Dec. 15. The program is committed to increasing enrollment of traditionally underrepresented groups in STEM disciplines.
  • Deadlines: 2018 Postdoctoral Fellowship applications accepted now until January 4, 2018.

ICES Graduate Studies

The ICES Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (CSEM) Graduate Studies program prepares students for the interdisciplinary field of computational engineering and sciences. Graduate studies focus on computational science, computational engineering, applied mathematics, scientific research, and computer modeling, simulation, and visualization. CSEM degrees provide graduates with exciting career opportunities in academia, industry, medicine, and government labs. The use of mathematical modeling is growing rapidly, and it is used to simulate, for example, the remediation of contaminants in the groundwater, tidal surges in coastal environments, space shuttle entry physics, drug design and delivery, reactive transport of magma, the damage and failure of composite materials, patient specific surgical procedures, dynamics of polar ice sheets, and the human ear and vocal cords.

ICES Programs

ICES supports seven major programs in computational sciences and engineering in addition to the CSEM graduate studies program.