ICES Reports

ICES Reports are authored by ICES Faculty, in collaboration with other Researchers, Visiting Scholars, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and CSEM Students under their supervision. Although they may represent the work of a single ICES Faculty member, the reports are more often a collaboration, and are meant to be a temporary outlet for the work prior to publication in refereed journals and conference proceedings. ICES Report are not meant to be an outlet for the work of non-ICES researchers, scholars, or students that was completed elsewhere, without ICES Faculty collaboration and/or without direct support from ICES/ICES contracts (where such collaboration/support has been noted in an "Acknowledgements" section).

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17-27 — “Improved Conditioning of Isogeometric Analysis Matrices for Trimmed Geometries”

Benjamin Marussiga, René Hiemstra, and Thomas J. R. Hughes

October 3, 2017

17-26 — “Fast integration of DPG matrices based on tensorization”

Jaime Mora and Leszek Demkowicz

September 29, 2017

17-25 — “DPG* Method”

Brendan Keith, Leszek Demkowicz, and Jay Gopalakrishnan

September 28, 2017

17-24 — “Patient-Specific Vascular Modeling: Template-based Isogeometric Framework and the Case for CAD”

Benjamin Urick, Travis M. Sanders, Shaolie S. Hossain, Yongjie Zhang, and Thomas J. R. Hughes

September 25, 2017

17-23 — “Convergence Analysis of Single Rate and Multirate Fixed Stress Split Iterative Coupling Schemes in Heterogeneous Poroelastic Media”

Tameem Almani, Kundan Kumar, and Mary F. Wheeler

September 12, 2017

17-22 — “An Approximate Jacobian Nonlinear Solver for Multiphase Flow and Transport”

Gurpreet Singh, Gergina Pencheva, and Mary F. Wheeler

September 10, 2017

17-21 — “Error Estimates for Dynamic Augmented Lagrangian Boundary Condition Enforcement, with Application to Immersogeometric Fluid–Structure Interaction”

Yue Yu, David Kamensky, Ming-Chen Hsu, Xin Yang Lu, Yuri Bazilevs, and Thomas J.R. Hughes

September 6, 2017

17-20 — “A Multilevel-WENO Technique for Solving Nonlinear Conservation Laws”

Todd Arbogast, Chieh-Sen Huang, and Xikai Zhao

August 24, 2017

17-19 — “An implicit Eulerian-Lagrangian WENO3 scheme for nonlinear conservation laws”

Chieh-Sen Huang and Todd Arbogast

August 23, 2017

17-18 — “Explicit Higher-Order Accurate Isogeometric Collocation Methods for Structural Dynamics”

J.A. Evans, R.R. Hiemstra, T.J.R. Hughes, and A. Reali

August 11, 2017