David Ekrut

Dr. David Ekrut completed his Ph.D. in Biomedical Mathematics at Florida State University in May 2016.
His previous work has focused predominately on finding analytical solutions to multiphase systems; however, his broader research interests are developing mathematical models to investigate immunotherapies in cancer in conjunction with quantitative imaging strategies. Currently, he is working with clinical breast cancer imaging data to assess individual versus population averages of the arterial input function for dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. He is also investigating combination immunotherapy with anti-HER2 targeted therapies in preclinical models of HER2+ breast cancer.

He was the recipient of an ICES Postdoctoral Fellowship from 2017-18.

His research at ICES is performed under the guidance of Professor Thomas Yankeelov as part of the Center for Computational Oncology and the Oncological Modeling Group.


Email: [201, 132, 118, 267, 134, 259, 161, 124, 200, 132, 126, 199, 134, 259, 198, 139, 198, 146, 57, 254, 117, 260]
Office: POB 2.112