Shaolie Hossain

Dr. Hossain works with the Computational Mechanics Group at ICES as a research fellow. She is also a research scientist and assistant professor in the Molecular Cardiology Department at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston. During her PhD study, she developed a computational tool-set applying NURBS-based isogeometric analysis to support the design and analysis of a catheter-based local drug delivery system that uses nanoparticles as drug carriers to diffuse atherosclerotic plaques. Toward that end, she devised a mathematical model of coupled drug and drug-encapsulated nanoparticle transport in patient specific coronary artery walls and investigated the effect of arterial and plaque heterogeneity on drug distribution. In 2007, Dr. Hossain spent 6 months as an intern in the R&D division of Abbott Vascular Inc., Santa Clara, CA.


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Phone: 512-232-7771
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