ICES Reports

ICES Reports are authored by ICES Faculty, in collaboration with other Researchers, Visiting Scholars, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and CSEM Students under their supervision. Although they may represent the work of a single ICES Faculty member, the reports are more often a collaboration, and are meant to be a temporary outlet for the work prior to publication in refereed journals and conference proceedings. ICES Report are not meant to be an outlet for the work of non-ICES researchers, scholars, or students that was completed elsewhere, without ICES Faculty collaboration and/or without direct support from ICES/ICES contracts (where such collaboration/support has been noted in an "Acknowledgements" section).

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17-23 — “Convergence Analysis of Single Rate and Multirate Fixed Stress Split Iterative Coupling Schemes in Heterogeneous Poroelastic Media”

Tameem Almani, Kundan Kumar, and Mary F. Wheeler

September 12, 2017

17-22 — “An Approximate Jacobian Nonlinear Solver for Multiphase Flow and Transport”

Gurpreet Singh, Gergina Pencheva, and Mary F. Wheeler

September 10, 2017

17-21 — “Error Estimates for Dynamic Augmented Lagrangian Boundary Condition Enforcement, with Application to Immersogeometric Fluid–Structure Interaction”

Yue Yu, David Kamensky, Ming-Chen Hsu, Xin Yang Lu, Yuri Bazilevs, and Thomas J.R. Hughes

September 6, 2017

17-20 — “A Multilevel-WENO Technique for Solving Nonlinear Conservation Laws”

Todd Arbogast, Chieh-Sen Huang, and Xikai Zhao

August 24, 2017

17-19 — “An implicit Eulerian-Lagrangian WENO3 scheme for nonlinear conservation laws”

Chieh-Sen Huang and Todd Arbogast

August 23, 2017

17-18 — “Explicit Higher-Order Accurate Isogeometric Collocation Methods for Structural Dynamics”

J.A. Evans, R.R. Hiemstra, T.J.R. Hughes, and A. Reali

August 11, 2017

17-17 — “Construction of H(div)-conforming mixed finite elements on cuboidal hexahedra”

Todd Arbogast and Zhen Tao

July 19, 2017

17-16 — “Analysis-suitable spline spaces of arbitrary degree on unstructured quadrilateral meshes”

Deepesh Toshniwal, Hendrik Speleers, and Thomas J. R. Hughes

July 14, 2017

17-15 — “Quantification of a Maximum Injection Volume of CO2 without Geomechanical Perturbations Using a Compositional Fluid Flow Reservoir Simulator”

Hojung Jung, Gurpreet Singh, D. Nicolas Espinoza, and Mary F. Wheeler

June 30, 2017

17-14 — “Selection and Validation of Predictive Models of Radiation Effects on Tumor Growth Based on Noninvasive Imaging Data”

E. A. B. F. Lima, J. T. Oden, B. Wohlmuth, A. Shahmoradi, D. A. Hormuth II, T. E. Yankeelov, L. Scarabosio, and T. Horger

June 20, 2017