ICES Reports

ICES Reports are authored by ICES Faculty, in collaboration with other Researchers, Visiting Scholars, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and CSEM Students under their supervision. Although they may represent the work of a single ICES Faculty member, the reports are more often a collaboration, and are meant to be a temporary outlet for the work prior to publication in refereed journals and conference proceedings. ICES Report are not meant to be an outlet for the work of non-ICES researchers, scholars, or students that was completed elsewhere, without ICES Faculty collaboration and/or without direct support from ICES/ICES contracts (where such collaboration/support has been noted in an "Acknowledgements" section).

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16-21 — “Coupled variational formulations of linear elasticity and the DPG methodology”

Federico Fuentes, Brendan Keith, Leszek Demkowicz, and Patrick Le Tallec

September 16, 2016

16-20 — “An Adaptive DPG Method for High Frequency Time-harmonic Wave Propagation Problems”

Socratis Petrides and Leszek F. Demkowicz

September 6, 2016

16-19 — “A Spacetime DPG Method for the Schrödinger Equation”

L. Demkowicz, J. Gopalakrishnan, S. Nagaraj, and P. Sepúlveda

September 6, 2016

16-18 — “Mixed methods for two-phase Darcy-Stokes mixtures of partially melted materials with regions of zero porosity”

Todd Arbogast, Marc A. Hesse, and Abraham L. Taicher

August 12, 2016

16-17 — “Multi-degree C^k smooth polar splines: a framework for design and analysis”

Deepesh Toshniwal, Hendrik Speleers, René R. Hiemstra, and Thomas J. R. Hughes

June 20, 2016

16-16 — “Implicit boundary integral methods for the Helmholtz equation in exterior domains”

C. Chen and R. Tsai

June 16, 2016

16-15 — “A phase-field formulation for fracture in ductile materials: Finite deformation balance law derivation, plastic degradation, and stress triaxiality effects”

Michael J. Borden, Thomas J. R. Hughes, Chad M. Landis, Amin Anvari, and Isaac J. Lee

June 13, 2016

16-14 — “Immersogeometric cardiovascular fluid–structure interaction analysis with divergence-conforming B-splines”

David Kamensky, Ming-Chen Hsu, Yue Yu, John A. Evans, Michael S. Sacks, and Thomas J. R. Hughes

May 16, 2016

16-13 — “Multirate Undrained Splitting for Coupled Flow and Geomechanics in Porous Media”

Tameem Almani, Kundan Kumar, and Mary F. Wheeler

May 12, 2016

16-12 — “Stability of Multirate Explicit Coupling of Geomechanics with Flow in a Poroelastic Medium”

Tameem Almani, Kundan Kumar, Gurpreet Singh, and Mary F. Wheeler

May 12, 2016