Multiscale Modeling Group

Researchers in the worldwide race toward miniaturization, nanoscience, molecular modeling of drugs and biological systems, advanced materials, and other applications, all face events on atomistic or molecular levels, and have run into a formidable roadblock: "The Tyranny of Scales." The term refers to the modeling of physical events that operate across large ranges of scale - 12 orders of magnitude in time scale, such as in the modeling of protein folding, or 10 orders of magnitude in spatial scales, such as in the design of advanced materials. At those ranges, conventional methods are rendered useless.

MD DeformedRecent research activities within the ICES Multiscale Modeling Group (MmG) have focused on two primary areas:

  • the development of a general approach to multi-scale modeling to cope with the tyranny of scales based upon so-called "Goals-Oriented Algorithms", and 
  • the development of mathematical theory, algorithms, and computational tools for calibration, verification and validation, and uncertainty quantification of complex biological systems.

Additional details regarding these research initiatives can be found on the MmG website accessed through the link below.

MmG Website:

Dr. Oden
J. Tinsley Oden,
MmG Lead