CSE Certificate Program Courses

The following table identifies courses that qualify for the CSE certificate program. Note that this list is not inclusive and may be expanded to include other advanced courses of three credits or more as approved by the certificate program's faculty advisor. Abbreviations used in the table include the following: SCH - refers to a School, College, or ICES; CLA - College of Liberal Arts, CNS - College of Natural Sciences; CSE - Cockrell School of Engineering; JSG - Jackson School of Geosciences, MSB - McCombs School of Business. The course abbreviations in column one are consistent with the UT Undergraduate Course Catalog and descriptions of each course may be found therein.

*** Some courses on the approved list below may be restricted by the department offering the course. Please note that the Certificate Program CANNOT ask the department to waive prerequisites or force the department to lift restrictions on their courses. Every effort has been made to include multiple options under each category to allow students from various majors to find courses that fit within their degree program.

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Highlighted courses are being offered on the FALL 2017 course schedule.

Course Requirements
Course Abbreviation and Number Course Title SCH
1. Upper Division Mathematics (1 course, 3-4 credits)
M 427J Differential Equations with Linear Algebra CNS
M 427K Advanced Calculus for Applications I CNS
M 427L Advanced Calculus for Applications II CNS
M 340L Matrices and Matrix Calculations CNS
M 341 Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory CNS
SDS 329C Practical Linear Algebra I CNS
2. Basic Programming (1 course 1-3 credits)
ASE 301 Introduction to Computer Programming CSE
BME 303 Introduction to Computing CSE
CHE 210 Introduction to Computing CSE
COE 301 Introduction to Computer Programming CSE
C E 311K Introduction to Computer Methods CSE
C S 303E Elements of Computers and Programming CNS
C S 104C Competitive Programming CNS
C S 105 Computer Programming (course discontinued Fall 2016) CNS
C S 105C Computer Programming: C++ CNS
C S 313E Elements of Software Design CNS
E E 312 Software Design and Implementation I CSE
GEO 325J Programming in FORTRAN and MATLAB JSG
MIS 304 Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming MSB
M E 205 Introduction to Computers and Programming (course no longer offered) CSE
SDS 322 Introduction to Scientific Programming CNS
Any course from #5 (Electives) Various
Any other basic programming course as approved by the Certificate Adviser Various
3. Numerical Applications (1 course, 1-3 credits)
ARE 372 Modeling of Air and Pollutant Flows in Buildings CSE
ASE 211K Engineering Computation CSE
ASE 311 Engineering Computation (course discontinued Fall 2014) CSE
ASE 321K Computational Methods for Structural Analysis (course renamed COE 321K as of Spr 2017) CSE
ASE 347 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics CSE
ASE 372N Satellite-Based Navigation CSE
BIO 321G Principles of Computational Biology CNS
BIO 337J Computational Biology Laboratory CNS
BME 313 Numerical Methods and Modeling in Biomedical Engineering(course discontinued Fall 2015) CSE
BME 313L Introduction to Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering CSE
BME 342 Biomechanics of Human Movement CSE
BME 345 Graphics and Visualization Laboratory CSE
BME 346 Computational Biomolecular Engineering CSE
BME 377T Topic: Computational Methods for Biomedical Engineers CSE
CH 369K Techniques of Research-FRI (for credit, MUST be course on Computational Materials) CSE
CHE 348 Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering and Problem Solving CSE
COE 211K Engineering Computation CSE
COE 321K Computational Methods for Structural Analysis (formerly ASE 321K) CSE
CSE 397 Introduction to Computational Oncology ICES
ECO 363C Computational Economics CLA
E E 313 Linear Systems and Signals CSE
E E 385V Topic: Computational Neuroscience CSE
E M 360 Topic 13: Applications of Finite Element Methods CSE
E M 394F Finite Element Methods CSE
GEO 325K Computational Methods JSG
GEO 347G Climate System Modeling JSG
M 374M Mathematical Modeling in Science and Engineering CNS
M E 218 Engineering Computational Methods CSE
M E 318M Programming and Engineering Computational Methods CSE
M E 365K Finite Element Method CSE
M E 367S Simulation Modeling CNS
M E 369L Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics CNS
NEU 337 Topic: Computational Neuroscience CNS
PGE 310 Formulation & Solution of Geosystems Engr Problems CSE
PGE 323M Reservoir Engineering III CSE
PHY 329 Introduction to Computational Physics CNS
SDS 339 Applied Computational Science CNS
STA 372 Topic: Quant Finance: Model, Tools & Applics MSB
STA 372 Topic 6: Optimization Methods in Finance MSB
STA 372 Topic 7: Computational Finance MSB
4. Advanced Computing (1 course, 3 credits)
ASE 321K Computational Methods for Structural Analysis (course renamed COE 321K as of Spr 2017) CSE
ASE 347 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics CSE
COE 321K Computational Methods for Structural Analysis (formerly ASE 321K) CSE
C S 323E Elements of Scientific Computing CNS
C S 323H Elements of Scientific Computing: Honors CNS
C S 367 Numerical Methods CNS
C S 377 Principles and Applications of Parallel Programming CNS
C S 378 Topic: Programming for Correctness and Performance CNS
E E 360F Introduction to Software Engineering CSE
E E 360P Concurrent and Distributed Systems CSE
E E 379K Topic: Engineering Programming Languages CSE
E E 380L Topic 5: Engineering Programming Languages CSE
E E 382V Topic: Advanced Programming Tools CSE
M 348 Scientific Computation in Numerical Analysis CNS
M 368K Numerical Methods for Applications CNS
M E 369P Application Programming for Engineers CSE
SDS 335 Scientific & Technical Computing CNS
SDS 374C Parallel Computing for Science and Engineering CNS
SDS 374D Distributed and Grid Computing for Science and Engineering CNS
SDS 374E Visualization and Data Analysis for Science and Engineering CNS
SDS 375 Topic: Programming for Correctness CNS
5. Electives (≥ 1 course, ≥ 3 credits)
Any additional course from #3 (Numerical Applications) or #4 (Advanced Computing) Various
ASE 330M Linear System Analysis CSE
CSE 380 Tools and Techniques of Computational Science ICES
CSE 383C Numerical Analysis: Linear Algebra ICES
CSE 383K Numerical Analysis: Algebra and Approximation ICES
CSE 386C Methods of Applied Mathematics ICES
CSE 386M Functional Analysis in Theoretical Mechanics ICES
CSE 393F Finite Element Methods ICES
CSE 393N Numerical Methods for Flow and Transport Problems ICES
C S 329E Topic: Elements of Data Visualization CNS
C S 337 Theory in Programming Practice CNS
C S 337H Theory in Programming Practice: Honors CNS
C S 363D Introduction to Data Mining CNS
C S 373 Software Engineering CNS
E E 360C Algorithms CSE
E E 380L Topic 10: Data Mining CSE
E E 461L Software Engineering and Design Laboratory CSE
GEO 366M Mathematical Methods in Geophysics JSG
M 346 Applied Linear Algebra CNS
M 372K Partial Differential Equations and Applications CNS
M 376C Methods of Applied Mathematics CNS
M E 350R Robot Mechanism Design CSE
MIS 373 Topic 17: Predictive Analytics & Data Mining MSB
NEU 366M Quantitative Methods in Neuroscience CNS
SDS 348 Computational Biology and Bioinformatics CNS
SDS 394 Scientific & Technical Computing CNS
SDS 394C Parallel Computing for Scientists and Engineers CNS
SDS 394D Distributed and Grid Computing for Scientists and Engineers CNS
Any graduate level scientific computing course, with consent of the Certificate Adviser Various
6. Scientific Computing Project (1 course, 3 credits)
CSE 370 Individual Reading and Research ICES
Any 3 credit, advanced undergraduate level individual instruction course in a participating department Various