Dewayne Perry

Dewayne E. Perry is professor of electrical and computer engineering and holds the Motorola Regents’ Chair of Software Engineering. The first 18 years of his career were spent as a professional programmer and software engineer, with the latter part combining both research (as visiting faculty in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University) and consulting in software architecture and design. In 1978 he received his Ph.D. in computer science from Stevens Institute of Technology. The next 16 years were spent doing software engineering research at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey. His appointment at The University of Texas at Austin Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering began in January 2000.

His current research interests focus on various aspects of software architecture, empirical studies in software engineering, software system analysis, and software evolution. His specific interests in software architecture include the use of architecture rationale and design intent in system evolution and the creation of autonomic systems, constraint-based architecture analysis and evaluation, and controlling dynamic architecture evolution.

His interest in software evolution includes tools and analyses that help understand and direct evolutionary changes in software systems. He has been co-editor in chief of Wiley’s “Software Process: Improvement & Practice;” a former associate editor of IEEE “Transactions on Software Engineering;” a member of ACM SIGSOFT and IEEE Computer Society; and has served as organizing chair, program chair, and program committee member for various software engineering conferences.

He received an ACM SigSoft 2011 Retrospective Impact Award for his 1992 paper “Foundations for the Study of Software Architecture” which for the past decade or more has been the most cited software engineering paper.


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