Wing-Tat Leung

Dr. Wing Tat Leung received his Ph.D. in Mathematics at Texas A&M University in August 2017. His previous work has focused on the development of efficient multiscale solution techniques for a wide variety of problems that arise in applications. Specifically, his work focuses on developing fundamental concepts for generalized multiscale finite element method and their applications in flow, transport and seismic wave simulations in heterogeneous media. Currently, he is working with developing a upscaling model for multiphase flow through porous media.

He was the recipient of an ICES Postdoctoral Fellowship from 2017-18.

His research at ICES is performed under the supervision of Professor Mary Wheeler in the ICES Center for Subsurface Modeling.


Email: [220, 205, 254, 136, 253, 134, 122, 81, 206, 196, 254, 134, 189, 148, 127, 118, 221, 194, 268, 65, 244, 131, 128]
Office: POB 5.318