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J. Tinsley Oden We welcome you to the Institute for Computational and Engineering Sciences (ICES) website. The Institute is a unique organizational unit, dedicated to both research and graduate study in computational engineering and science, with a strong core in computational and applied mathematics. ICES programs include a world-renowned visiting scholars program, a unique graduate degree program in CSEM, post doctoral fellowships, and a large portfolio of research programs carried out in some 18 active research centers and groups. ICES endeavors to be the leading center for interdisciplinary academic study and research in the computational sciences. — J. Tinsley Oden


Established: 2003

Location: POB 4.102, 201 East 24th Street, Stop C0200

Director: J. Tinsley Oden

Annual Report2015-16 ICES Annual Report (PDF)


ICES People Pie Chart

People: More than 300 People (2015-2016)

  • 114 – CSEM Faculty (including Core Faculty)
  • 48 – Core Faculty
  • 79 – Research Staff
  • 75 – CSEM Students
  • 46 – Visiting Faculty Fellows
  • 29 – Administrative Staff


ICES Faculty Pie Chart

ICES Faculty represent 5 Schools and Colleges and 18 Academic Departments. The Schools and Colleges include:


ICES First Job Pie Chart

CSEM Graduate Studies (2015-16):

  • 75 – Students Enrolled
  • 35 – Students on Fellowship
  • 11 – PhD Degrees Awarded 2015-16
  • 5.5 – Average Years to Degree Completion
  • 56 – Percent US Students in the Program
  • 166 -- Average GRE Quantitative Score
  • 157 -- Average GRE Verbal Score

CSEM Enrollment and Graduation History

CSEM History Chart