General Practices

Below are a few guidelines to help each of us remain consistent and clear with the ICES identity. This helps our many audiences to more quickly identify ICES from the thousands of graphic elements they view daily.

Avoid recreating any versions of the ICES logo. Use only approved files.

Incorporate only ICES approved fonts, colors, textures and line work in all of pieces.

Carefully select photography. Choose images that align with the audience and purpose of the piece. Think diversity.

Begin each project with a goal in mind. Create copy that is brief, memorable and aligned with the overall goal.

Think about the following questions:

  • Who is the target audience (e.g., graduate students, alumni, faculty, donors)?
  • What is your desired outcome (e.g., increase enrollment, increase awareness of a new program, attract donors)?
  • What is the best medium to use for your target audience (e.g., postcard, bus sign, mass e-mail, web announcement, combination of pieces)?