CSEM Students Accept Broad Collection of Honors in 2016-17

CSEM student John Hawkins modeled this protein complex as part of his interdisciplinary work in fundamental biology research and “big data” processing. The work is conducted under ICES Professor William Press, and has important implications for improving gene-editing tools, such as CRISPR-Cas9—the most specific gene editing technique to date.

Students in the Institute's Ph.D. program known as CSEM, publish extensively, attend technical meetings to compete in poster and paper and video contests, and are eligible for the Institute's annual dissertation award. Following are a few of the results of their work during 2016-17.

CSEM Student John Hawkins Helps Develop New Technique To Enable Safer Gene-Editing

John Hawkins, a CSEM student and a team of UT scientists, took an important step toward safer gene-editing cures for life-threatening disorders, from cancer to HIV to Huntington’s disease, by developing a technique that can spot editing mistakes a popular tool known as CRISPR makes to an individual’s genome. The research appears in the journal Cell.

CSEM Student Jette Henderson wins Distinguished Paper Award

CSEM student Jette Henderson won the 2017 Distinguished Clinical Research Informatics Paper Award for her joint work entitled, "PheKnow-Cloud: A Tool for Evaluating High-Throughput Phenotype Candidates using Online Medical Literature" at the American Medical Informatics Association Joint Summits on Translational Sciences in San Francisco. She co-authored the paper with her supervising ICES Professor Joydeep Ghosh, UT alumni Ryan Bridges from Epic Systems and Joyce Ho from Emory University; along with Byron Wallace of Northeastern University. Henderson's co-supervising professor is ICES Professor William Press. Read more.

Prolific author Juan Bello-Rivas Receives 2017 Outstanding Dissertation Award for Advancing Molecular Movement Simulations

CSEM Alumnus Juan M. Bello-Rivas has won the ICES 2017 Outstanding Dissertation Award for advances in the computational simulation of molecular dynamics. Now a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University, as a CSEM student at UT Bello-Rivas focused his dissertation on modifying a statistical mechanic theory and algorithm called Milestoning. The algorithm was originally developed by Ron Elber, his advisor in the CSEM program. Read more.

Student Tim Smith wins international poster award

CSEM Student Tim Smith won the poster competition at the 2017 SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences in Erlangen, Germany. Read more.

CSEM Student Karen Tsai on team winning SC16 Visualization Award

CSEM Student Karen Tsai was on the team who won the SC16 Scientific Visualization and Data Analytics Award with their movie describing work at Los Alamos National Laboratory that simulates an asteroid crashing into the ocean. Read more.

Posted: Sept. 26, 2017